guncle dan and Mason

I've long been known as a baby hog. It's one of my favorite hobbies. And times are good these days with a new baby in the house.

Sabrina, our niece is living with us indefinitely. A couple weeks ago we welcomed a new addition - her son Mason into our family as well. We've been debating titles for the last while - what would he call me? Officially I'm a great uncle but that is a mouthful. Grampa wouldn't do in this case for little Mason has a grampa. Today, it was determined (with much laughter and joking) that I would be guncle dan (short for great uncle dan) I decided that would be OK.

We tease a lot at our house. I find it easy (new mothers are REAL easy to tease) to get Sabrina going as she takes her job of motherhood real seriously (as it should be). Now I fully understand the rules (and why) but whenever I'm holding Mason I calmly ask her if I can share whatever I'm eating or drinking with the little guy. I instantly get 'THE LOOK'. If Janis is within earshot I get THE DOUBLE LOOK. Occasionally, if Becke is there too I get THE TRIPLE LOOK. THE LOOK means NO which is what I expect but I get a laugh every time. It's a game Sabrina and I love to play.

Today, Sabrina was busy getting ready to head out to an appointment. I of course stepped up to hang out with Mason until it was time to go. And as I occasionally do, I grabbed a Coke from the cooler. Before I popped the top we snapped this picture - just for fun. Don't tell Sabrina the lid is still sealed.  :)


-guncle dan

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