Telling a story visually

It's fun to tell a story visually. Like the stories I tell verbally or with the written word, details are very important. The horse and wagon are one such vehicle for story telling. (Yup, I meant that pun)The horse is laughing, a tie in to the Laughing Horse Saloon. The wagon is carefully painted and aged to make it look like it has travelled many miles on dusty and rough roads. How rough were the roads you might ask?

Well, the roads in these parts were so rough one of the wheels broke in a particularly nasty and large pothole. And since it was the olden days when one didn't just go down to the local tire store to get it fixed. Instead the owner would have scrounged a used wheel from another wagon, hopefully similar in size.  

So, to tell that story one of the front wheels is getting painted a whole different color. 

I'm sure not everyone will notice the different colored wheel. But some of those that do are bound to wonder why we would do such a thing. The answer is as above for those who think long enough about it to figure it out.

Grampas just love to tell stories.

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment