Important stuff

No matter how busy we get it is critically important to take time for the important things.

Today I was working on a business plan for an upcoming project and the deadline is rapidly approaching. It was intense work that required my undivided concentration. But as important as that was there were other important things going on too. I was working in the house today, in my recliner with my feet up. Our niece was sitting beside me in the living room and her young son Mason was on her lap. I of course had to play my role as BABY HOG. I did so with glee.

The new thing from Mason is getting a smile, still a bit of a challenge. And no one (not even his momma) had yet captured a photo of the deed. The CHALLENGE was on! Mason was in the mood today (and I was good!) and he gave me SIX smiles in a row - a new record! We managed to capture two with the camera too!

guncle dan is no slouch at any task I take on. :)

-guncle dan

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment