Up to speed!

There was an almost full crew in the shop today and it was one busy place! Everyone was in great spirits and eager to geet lots done. Because the rain was coming down hard for most of the day we were all tucked inside the shop. Kendra and Jenessa were busy painting the last of the block trims for the house. Hailey was organizing the paint supply and beginning the first color on the features. Adison and Big Matt were busy tying wire to my welded frames. TJ was mixing for Peter, carving, and tying wire for much of the day. Peter was applying the concrete and carving up a storm. I was building routing files and running the CNC router. I also did a little carving, cleanup, welding and assembling to round out my day. With a good sized, hard working crew it is amazing how much work can be accomplished! Here's a picture of the shop this morning as we got going...

By afternoon the results of all that hard work was clearly showing. Peter applied the fiberglass-reinforced-concrete while Hailey started training Kendra and Jenessa on the fine art of carving. Two wheels were finished and they look pretty cool!

Peter applied a lot of mud today which meant there was a lot of sculpting to do as well. TJ got his first lesson in the art of carving a cactus using a state of the art carving tool... a spoon.

And the wagon got the first of many coats of color. It sure changed things in a hurry.

As I looked back into the shop when I was locking up to head in for supper it made me smile. I appreciate my talented and hard working crew!

-grampa dan

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