Almost to pure magic

Those who look close and watch our projects take shape are always amazed at how labor intensive the projects are. The truth is detail doesn't come easy. It takes time and patience.

Today the wagon was ready for the first of two glazed. While the wagon looked great with it's regualr paint the glazes add depth, bring out the detail and makes things look authentic and aged appropriatly. The first glaze is one we call swamp. Not pretty in the can it looks very cool when brushed on liberally and then carefully wiped off, leaving it in the crevaces and valleys. Lower parts of the wagon are left a little darker to give it weight and the top edges are burnished good to give them highlights. Hailey and Jenessa are very skilled at the task.

The result really looks cool but will be made into pure magic as we add one more glaze and then add the rusty finish to the hardware. When we add the wheels we'll be ready to roll. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment