Another of my heroes

We hear so much about young people these days who have few skills, are not willing to learn and don't know how to work. These kids must be out there I guess but these aren't the young people who've been working for us.

TJ is a relatively new hire. Just out of high school, he's not a big guy, and is quiet and respectful. When I hired him I was wondering how he would manage for the things we do are pretty tough at times.

Yesterday, we took delivery of a large load of steel. TJ had the job of cutting each piece to length and packing it into the shop to place on the rack. There were hundreds of cuts and thousands of pounds of steel. To make it a little harder the weather in the last two days has been very warm as well. It was more than enough to wear out anyone without a lot of heart.

It turns out that TJ is a good man with a lot of heart. He's not afraid to get a little dirty while he works.

TJ is but one awesome member of our crew.

As we ramp up into our next big project (starting Monday) I am confident I have a great crew to help me. Imagine the possibilities!

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment