Going for a wild ride

Monday morning a new wonderful adventure begins. It is the first day of two hundred days of build for a brand new theme park called Cultus Lake Adventure Park. I've been busy for the last two months working out the myriad of details with the owners. My task was to do all of the concept art. At the same time the engineers and architect was starting the working drawings which have been submitted for permit. A host of others will work alongside our small team. Engineers, designers, laborers, welders, equipment operators, carpenters, roofers, concrete finishers, painters, landscapers and many other disciplines will all do their thing to realize a singular spectacular vision.

It all begins officially on Monday morning but we've been busy in the last couple of weeks as we near the starting line. We've been accepting deliveries of tons of materials and emptying the shop of all other projects.

After the crew left on Friday I couldn't resist beginning work on the first feature to get a little head start on my crew. It will be a photo oppportunity for the western side of the park.

I began by welding up the inner steel framework, over which we will sculpt a cartoon horse and wagon.

This is going to be both challenging and a whole lot of fun. Stay tuned as I share this adventure over the next ten months!

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment