The dream lives on

Almost exactly twelve years ago we dreamed of expanding Giggle Ridge in a very ambitious fashion. Our lofty plans, drawn in 2001 included a railway circling the property, a large bumber boat pool and a giant mountin, inside which we would hide our home and studio. The plans were drawn and we even began the process of renaming our business to Giggle Ridge Studios. But it was not to be. A while later we decided instead to buy property in the nearby town of Yarrow and we instead built our dream shop there. Fast forward more than ten years and the dream house was also built.

When we sold Giggle Ridge we shared our dreams with the new owners, who decided to build our the park in a slightly modified and much more ambitious form. Those old dusty plans still served as prime inspiration for the new park and many of the elements I drew so long ago are now seeing the light of day once more. The giant mountain survived but now will house a variety of functions to serve guests in the new park. It looks an awful lot like the mountain of old.

In the next while I'll reveal more elements from those old ideas as well. It makes me smile for the dream lives on!

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment