Every project we tackle takes us into uncharted territory. This is what makes my job so challenging and so very much fun. With a good portion of the park having a western theme we are having to come up with a wide variety of ideas that fit into the available space. With some of the rides and attractions actually overlapping in the vertical space it is challenging to say the least. In the western portion of the park  flora and fauna will resemble desert. Still, we want to create a comfortable space. An oasis stream, complete with a water wheel and mining artifacts is just the ticket. Height restrictions mean an overshot wheel isn't possible. A little research allowed us to design a Pelton undershot wheel to solve the probem and stay accurate to the time period. In looking at the drawing after I postedit I noticed I drew the buckets on backwards. I'll fix that tomorrow.  :)

The wheel is to be all steel construction and will be fun to build.

Photo opportunities also need to abound through the park. These days people love to pose, take pictures with family and friends and then post them to facebook or wherever ... advertising our customer's park in the process. In the western section it begs for a horse and wagon. I was happy to oblige.

As I design and draw each idea even more ideas constantly pop into my head. So many ideas... so little space...

-grampa dan

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