Playing house - in a tree

Who would have ever thought that a fellow could make money building a tree fort? The new Kid's Adventure Park we are planning includes some swing bridges to a tree fort that is positioned inside the golf we built more than a decade ago. Kids and adults climbing through will watch golfers play before heading on to other adventures and attractions - all from high up in the trees. It is going to be a cool feature. This for will be plenty strong, built entirely of structural steel with a sculpted concrete skin. It will only look like it is rickety, home built and a little precarious.

Swing bridges will connect the tree fort to other platforms and some caves as well. Kids (and adults with a kid still inside them) are going to love it.

Each day of late I've been very busy at my design board cranking out idea after idea. Today, Phoebe was in my studio and she watched me draw for a while before the questions started. She did a quick review of the concept art and declared it to be a VERY cool project! Stay tuned for much, much more...

-grampa dan

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