Bucky's payback

I love to tease and also get my fair share in return.

Almost twenty years ago I painted some murals in 29 Palms, California. We met many fine folks when we were there. One of those people was a sheriff name Bucky. He loved to play elaborate practical jokes and I was the recipient of a great one. We all had a good laugh and I promised that one day I would get even.

Back in 2003 when we were planning the expansion of Giggle Ridge, the project was to include some themed bumper boats. I decided the mascot for that attraction would bear my friend's name as payback. Bucky was a beaver. But things changed... the project died and sadly a short time later, so did my friend Bucky.

When the project came alive again this year I decided to keep that promise I had made to my friend. The name stuck to the bumper boat pool.

But I'm not done yet for I still owe my friend Bucky. I decided to add the Bucky beaver theme to the Wave Swinger ride as well. It will be built on the island in the middle of the bumper boat pond.

I'll get the last laugh yet.

-grampa dan

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