Hiring process

From time to time we hire new people. I find it an interesting process. While many around me complain that good people are hard to find I have never felt it to be that way. Good people are always coming to me. Fantastic people.

The peope I look for are not necessarily artistically talented. That surprises many people. Instead I look for young people who are motivated, who have strong goals and dreams. My job as an employer is to help them towards these goals for as long as they are with us. Their task is to help me with my dreams. It's a fair trade and it works every time. I know these people won't be with me forever. Some move on in a short time, while others are with me for a number of years as they go to school or work on their training.

Today TJ started with us. He was sent by his sister who will hopefully begin work with us soon. Both young people have definite goals and dreams - my kind of people.

TJ quckly discovered that building cool things is often just plain hard work. He also discovered we love to tease and we laugh a lot at our workplace. I think he found he was instantly thrown in the deep end... but it won't be long until he is one of the gang and dishing it back.

It's my wish that this experience will be one of the best memories of his working life. I'll be doing my best to make it just that.

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment