Just in case I get thirsty.

It is no secret that my favorite beverage is Coca Cola - preferrably in a can and ice cold. That is true. But there are folks out there (so I hear) that are spreading vicious rumors than I am addicted to the stuff. It's simply not true. I could quit any time I wanted to - if I was so inclined.

When we designed and built our new house I asked for a cooler near the kitchen to keep my favorite beverage handy. And so a real nice, under counter, glass doored fridge was installed. It is programmed to keep my Cokes at the perfect temperature for when I get thirsty. I also keep a few extra on hand for friends and family too because I like to share.

Again, I'm not addicted to this stuff by any means. It's just nice to have handy when I'm in the mood. I also have a similar cooler in the studio - just in case I get thirsty.

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment