Settled at last

Designing projects, especially one for myself can be challenging at times. On the mechanical fish projet I wanted to put a medallion of some type on the lower frame, under the submarine. It had to be something that fit, named and signed the project. It had to be highly decorative and yet not overpower everything else. It's been bugging me for days and I've drawn numerous sketches of many different ideas.

Tonight finally it began to make sense. It had to have a 'D' of course. This signified the 'D' class fish and was also a way to sign the piece. A compass rose would add a nautical flavor. The ring with rivets was a given in every iteration I drew in the last days. A new addition was the scroll with Yarrow Shipyard, a fun way to locate the project. Together it looks like a tattoo the salty captain might sport on his arm. The concept drawing is a quick scribble - right out of my sketch book, done in ten minutes with a ball point pen.

As always it will be refined and altered as the 3D files are built. Hand working and sculpting will embellish this idea significantly before it is done. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment