Hanging a fish

It was a busy day today. Designing, painting, pricing, and a bunch of other things filled my day. After supper I managed to cut a bunch of tile for the hallway. It was a productive day and to reward myself I did a little work on the mechanical fish - just for fun.

Every trophy fish needs a suitable mount and so I designed a cool one for the mechanical fish. I let the MultiCam CNC route of some cool little I-beams while I was busy with other stuff. This evening I spent a little time trimming and gluing the new pieces into place. These beams will hold the block and tackle that will hold up the mechanical fish. They look steam punkish and Victorian - perfect for this project.

I shortened the wing fins just a little as well while I was at it.

Tomorrow something brilliant is going to happen on the project. I can hardly wait...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment