Finding the time

I often get asked just how I manage to find the time to do all I do and do my blogging on top of that. The answer is simple. 

My days are no longer than anyone elses. I need to sleep seven or eight hours each night and I sleep very soundly when I do. I tend to work longer hours than most but I also work in our back yard so no time is wasted on the road each day. That alone buys me an extra hour or two compared to those I know who work some distance from their house. Those hours sure add up over time.

While many might look at their watch and be tempted to stop because there are twenty minutes until quitting time, I instead think of five more things I can squeeze in before the appointed time. It is amazing how much can be done when pressed for time.

My dream projects are saved as a reward for the things I must do but don't enjoy quite as much. That motivates me to work harder and  It also makes the time pass much quicker. I am seldom bored for I enjoy what I do immensely.

The time for blogging? I carry my point and shoot camera on my belt and take pictures at every opportunity throughout the day. I shoot three or four shots every time the camera is out. The secret to great pictures is having plenty to choose from. Writing a blog entry takes ten to fifteen minutes but it doesn't have to be done all at once. I edit my pictures through the day when I can spare a few minutes here and there. I often formulate my thoughts while I do other things and then sit down to write without stress. I try and keep my writing informal and loose - it's a journal after all.

Last week I was at Whistle Punk Hollow helping them get ready for the opening. It was a busy time and there were hundreds of small tasks to finish. I had worked late the night before and was up early to help once more. As the opening hour approached I needed to unwind and focus. I took a few minutes and walked the course, taking pictures all the way around. The WiFi signal was strongest by the office, near hole one of the golf so I plunked myself down on the freshly laid turf, propped myself up on a stump and edited my pictures and posted an entry. For those few brief minutes my world slowed down. I polished off my entry for the day and centered myself in the process. The photo is by Janice Kirkman.

Then I was ready to go at full speed once more and I did.

-grampa dan

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