Today was the third long day onsite. The rain pounded all night and we woke up to a damp and cloudy day with threatening skies. We fired up the mud mixing with high hopes and the occasional sprinkle. At one point I even draped a tarp over our wet mud but the heavy rain held off. Thankfully!

We made great progress once more on all fronts. The bulk of our day was spent on the big rock feature. Our goals (which we made) were to get off the scaffolds by noon and be done by supper.

As a bonus we got the last bridge deck mudded with only the railings remaining to be done on next trip. Jeff and Janice were hosting a social function for the local Chamber of Commerce this evening which meant a site cleanup and polish. It also meant that the front gate posts and sign needed to be in position by late afternoon.

We stayed late to clean up our materials and tools, then headed home for a day or two - depending on weather. When I arrived home I was delighted to see the ladies of our crew had kept busy in our absence and had completed the painting of the signs for the golf.

We have a little more than a week to finish this project as WhistlePunk Hollow opens to the public in ten days.

Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment