Last bridge

Our second day onsite was a lucky one. The weatherman forecast showers all day which it did but never hard enough to even warrant breaking out the tarps. We mudded and carved the second side of the big bridge. Then big Matt got to climb the mountan to lay on the concrete while little Matt mixed up bucket after bucket of mud.

I spent the bulk of the day under my welding helmet fabricating the last bridge which had to be built onsite. By the end of the day the welding was done and the bridge was ready for the galvanized mesh which will happen tomorrow. The back of the big rock is largely done and by tomorrow night (weather permitting).

The last of the walkways were also poured and stamped. Fence panels were installed and the gate posts were readied for installation tomorrow. It was a very long and productive day.

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment