Lift down.

Today a milestone was reached on the giant rock for WhistlePunk Hollow. The welding on the bottom of the rock was finished which allowed us to weld the bottom defining edge onto the top portion. This means the two pieces will match perfectly when we reassemble them tomorrow on-site.

As soon as the last weld was done I lifted off the top section and finished welding the top piece on the ground. It is safer and much faster to work where it is easy to reach.

Once down on the ground it didn't take me long to fabricate the rest of the rock. With big Matt's help we managed to finish the application of the mesh on the top portion by quitting time. I used the forklift one more time to move it from the shop and place it in the back of the truck. With a little creative thinking it almost fit... at least enough to get it to Squamish.  :)

-grampa dan