Last major piece delivered.

It was a big day for WhistlePunk Adventure Golf as the last giant feature was transported and dropped into place. My crew pulled out the stops this morning to finish the tough job of applying the mesh. After lunch I fired up the forklift and loaded the rock bottom onto the trailer. It was an impressive load!

Jeff wasted no time in firing up the giant excavator to lift the pieces off the trailer and then carefully transport them to their final location. He is one smooth operator!

The top section followed and Jeff once again accurately lifted it into position. We were safely esconed inside to pop in the bolts when things were lined up.

The end result looks great. The tough part about this kind of construction is the relative scale of things. The train and trestle were done over the last months. We then built the rock in our shop, trusting it was large enough so it would anchor everything perfectly. I was delighted to see it in place. Still seethrough, the rock will grow as we put on the final skin. I can hardly wait to see the trestle linked to it.

The crew had been busy since my last visit. The forming for the concrete walkways was well underway. They will be poured later this week. Eighty trees will also arrive and be planted. The walkways and trees will bring the course much closer to completion in a hurry!

Before I left I laid out the last few holes which now can be started. The golf is going to be very cool and dramatic.

The Squamish crew are going to be very busy in the next while and by my next visit it will look like a different place.

-grampa dan