BIG iron

Little Matt was busy today welding up the big iron to make a sturdy bridge that will span the wide pool beneath the biggest waterfall at WhistlePunk Hollow. We started with two large I-beams and the crossbraced them to form the deck. Concrete will be poured between the I-beams for the green. It is going to a spectacular hole to play with the train on the trestle overhead. By the time we are done the two side beams will look like giant tree timbers. In the picture Matt is welding on the branches (structural steel) that will hold up the hand rails.

While little Matt was busy welding the bridge big Matt was busy applying the galvanized mesh to the giant rock structure. This is a tough job that takes practice to get it right. Although still somewhat transparent the rockwork is starting to quickly take shape. On the right hand side you can see the mine doorway with the timbers surrounding it if you know what to look for.

The pressure is on to have these pieces ready for transport next week. Time will tell.

-grampa dan