Looking like a golf!

It was delivery day for three large log features to WhistlePunk Hollow. The trip to Squamish was uneventful (my favorite kind of journey).

Everyone was all smiles as I pulled in to the site. Jeff fired up the loader and after unstrapping the logs the placing of the features began once more. The smallest log feature was the first to be unloaded.

The big forked log was the next log to be lifted into place. It was placed on hole sixteen.

As soon as it was in place Jeff and Janice gave the whipsaw saw a try.

The last log to be unloaded went to hole number 13. This feature makes this a challenging hole... maybe you need a bit of luck to pull it off.

As we finished placing the log features WhistlePunk Hollow suddenly looked a whole lot like a very fun place to be. It looked like an adventure golf! Here's a shot of how it looked from the back side out by the road.

Here's another shot of the golf from near where the front gate will be towards the train trestle and pool. The telephone wire above the train will be removed very soon.

We still have a lot of work to do. In our shop we continue work on our largest feature - the massive rock/waterfall feature. We also are working on the hole markers, many signs, the front gates, three bridges and the lighting standards. Plenty to do in less than a month before the golf opens to it's first happy golfers. Stay tuned as things progress...

-grampa dan