Delivery one.

Once everything was organized at home and in the shop, it was time to hit the road with the train. The drive to Squamish took about two and a half hours. Along the way everyone who passed slowed a little and took a second look -normal when we make a delivery. I saw lots of raised thumbs and big smiles. I made two stops and each time cameras were instantly out and snapping.

It wasn't long until I arrived in Squamish... and made a quick stop at the visitor center for a photo.

Then it was off to Whistle Punk Adventure Golf. The owners were eagerly waiting for the train and I to arrive. Someone had seen the train when I was still thirty miles away and let them know of my progress. After a little planning Jeff jumped into the excavator and hooked up the cable to the machine. I climbed up on the train hooked up the other end. In seconds the little steam engine was airborn and slung over to the lawn temporarily until the trestle is built.

We made a bunch of marks on the ground with a spray bomb, figuring out where the trestle footings will be poured and the pond and waterfalls will be placed. The golf is going to be very cool. The prep work on the site is largely done and now it will begin to become very real in a hurry! Stay tuned...

-grampa dan