Spring has arrived.

It's been a mild winter locally. I never had to use the tractor even once to clear the driveway. The spring flowers have been up for some time and the lawn has been mowed three times already.

The last days have been truly warm and sunny and once more it is a joy to be outside. As I walked from the shop to the house today I saw some dandilions for the first time this year. They had poked out of the ground between the railroad tracks where Phoebe had blown the seeds in years past.

In that year dandilions were transformed from the mortal enemy of me (and my beautiful lawn) to a thing of beauty. Phoebe has taught me a lot through the years.

As I saw the dandilions today I simply had to take the time to enjoy the splash of brilliant color. If you look close at the right flower in the middle clump of three you will also see a bee sitting on top. Bugs are another of Phoebe's favorite things.

Welcome to spring.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment