After one last day of transferring old files, installing new programs and deactivating old programs on the old computer, and then reinstalling on the new computer and then reactivating once more, everything finally is up and running on the new computer. The only hickups along the way were my ineptitude in all things computer. After a try or two I managed to navigate my way through even the 'toughest' of challenges.

At last I can stop thinking about computers once more and simply get down to the business of designing and creating once more.

Tomorrow looks to be a busy day in the house. The cabinet makers return, and the finish carpenters continue their work. Big Matt carries on with the painting. In the shop little Matt will be busy. Hailey will finish the glazes on the log car.

Once I have everything organized and on the go I'll hook up the flat deck trailer to the truck and begin the journey to deliver the train to Whistle Punk Hollow. It's going to be a fun journey I'm sure.

-grampa dan

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