Hurry up and weight.

Today was a busy day with lots of work done on the engine. First I picked up the smoke stack pieces from the fabricator. I welded them up and then welded the stack permanently into position while Sarah started mixing the sculpting epoxy.

The sculpting epoxy was used to fashion the riveted collars around the smokestack and steam dome.  While we were at it I added the rivets to the water tank and other parts of the train. 

It was then time to slide the engine out of the way to make room for the next feature we will create for WhistlePunk Adventure Golf. We used the tractor to slide it towards the door but we had to make one stop first to weigh the engine. We hooked it up to the overhead crane and lifted it up before sliding the scale under it.

It tipped the scales at 1,664 pounds.

Then we lowered it to the floor once more and dragged it out the big MAGIC door under the porch roof. There's a few more things to fabricate and add as well as some painting to finish, but we are almost there.

Back inside the suddenly roomy shop we wasted no time in starting the next piece...  the steam donkey.

While Matt was welding the big structural steel I worked on welding the pencil rod for the log car. The router was busy in the back room carving out the sign face.

I'll sleep good tonight and tomorrow we have ambitous plans to do some cool things. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan