Lower half of Shay engine finished.

Today was another of those days that kept me hopping on a wide variety of tasks. It was afternoon before I got to pick up the welder and add more pieces to the train. Many people were expecting a large cow catcher but these kinds of trains had a modest toe board instead. We fashioned one for each end of the train and welded them securely in place. Yesterday, Matt located some old rusty chain for me and that too was carefully draped over the grab rails of the train and then welded in place. this now finishes off the lower end of the Shay.

This afternoon I got the call that the smokestack is ready to be picked up. The router is busy churning out some the last few pieces of Precision Board HDU needed for the engine. Friday Sarah and Hailey will be in to mix the sculpting epoxy needed to finish off the sculpting. By Saturday it will be done and pulled out into the sunshhine, making room for another large piece to be started.

-grampa dan