Growing a tree from the inside out

This week we begin a few new projects. One will be the giant tree and treehouse that will be the terminus of one of the long swinging bridges. The treehouse will be stationed in one of the large planters in the existing adventure golf.The tree and fort will be built as separate pieces to facilitate fitting into (and out of) the shop and for transport to the park. Once the pieces are onsite they will then be assembled (for the first time) onsite.

Friday morning the framework for the tree and fort arrived at our shop. It was unloaded by the crane before we loaded the pieces going to the park.

After we removed the balloon from the shop Friday morning we re-arranged everything and then set up the new structures, making them ready to accept our themework. This is going to be another very large piece without a doubt.

We are all eager to get going on the next projects. 

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment