Building a new deck

Each day I love to teach those who work for me new things, stretching them just a little in the process. Yesterday I had a full crew in the shop because of the cold outside. It meant I had to scramble a little to stay ahead of everyone. The answer to my dilemma was to turn it into a learning day, having my employees do some of the things I would normally do. Matt, who has done plenty of welding pencil rod was now ready to do a little bench fabricating, one more rung up the ladder of skills. His job was to cut the pieces and weld up the deck on the little truck. It is a rail inspection vehicle. The stationary play vehicle is to go in the Wilderness Trail area. Because it is a play structure for kids everything has to fit perfectly and be sanded smooth to prevent any possible injury. Matt spent a good part of his day cutting pieces, welding things up solid and then grinding it all perfectly smooth. The steel work on this little project is now done and it is now ready for mesh and then the sculpted concrete and paint.

Once he was done he had to take the truck for a test drive of course.

Well done Matt!

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment