The cake is ready for icing.

Many months ago I did the concept drawings for Cultus Lake Adventure Park. The building layout and construction drawings were still in flux back then (as they would continue to be right up to this morning) but we knew one side (the east side) of the building would be built as a mountain and the other (the western side) would sport a streetscape theme with multiple building facades. It was to have have an old west feel.

Today, the carpenters finished the construction of the basic shell for the building. They were working under my direction with lots of input from the owner as well. Each day Chris and I would meet with the carpenters to decide on changes and modifications, before the building crew started work on that section. The idea was to think things out before they built it so they didn't have to make changes to work already done. The original plans were largely ignored and so it was truly design/build as we went. It was a fun process with the carpenters trusting us to work things out just in time for them to do their work. It came together beautifully!

The most fantastic 'cake' is now built. We are ready (and eager) to put on a whole lot of fancy 'icing' to make it truly magical. The giant tree, the 'cake topper', got it's last paint today and tomorrow will be moved out of the shop in readiness for it's journey up to the lake along with the top piece of the mountain.

Every day this project gets more exciting! Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

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