Pure magic!

It's fun to watch each member of our team build their skills and confidence as they do their jobs. Each time they become proficient and comfortable with the tasks they have done previously I take great delight in upping the ante with a tougher assignment. My sole purpose is to help them grow. Each time they inevitably rise to the challenge and in the process do far more than they thought possible. 

Yesterday, I asked Jenessa to sculpt the ropes and tops of the sandbags on the balloon basket. She was a little unsure but I was excited to see how she would handle it. She asked me how to do the job. I just said, make it look like sacks filled with sand tied up with an old hemp rope. She started tentatively but quickly figured out how to do it and craft it in a believeable style. The end result is fabulous, hard to imagine they were hand sculpted.

This is exactly the kind of magic done daily in our shop . Well done Jenessa!

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky2 Comments