Now its Christmas!

Christmas at our house doesn't begin to really happen until after the last December birthday. This year, today was that day. 

It was a busy day with last minute shopping for the Christmas feast, wrapping presents and of course putting up our Christmas tree. As per our family tradition only hand made ornaments hang on the tree, each one with a special memory attached. As we decorated we reminisced about these memories and special people in our lives.

Special recipies were dug our of their hiding places to prepare dishes reserved for such an occasion. The turkey too was stuffed full of dressing and popped into the oven this afternoon. It's now cooling a little on the counter top before I begin the carving, Our Christmas is a little different than most in the interest of keeping it simple and relaxed while we have a few days with family. Tonight as I relax for a few minutes before the last Christmas preparations I can smell the fresh roasted turkey. I sneaked into the place the reshly baked cookies are hidden. I am remembering with fondness Christmas past, remembering all those we enjoyed them with and look forward to another gathering of family over the next few days. We are truly blessed beyond words and I am grateful.

I wish all who read this blog a blessed season of fun, family and friendship as you celebrate in your special ways. 

Merry Christmas to all!

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment