T'was the day before Christmas...

On our last (optional for staff) workday before Christmas Peter, Marty and Dimitry came in eager to do some work. The first order of business was to drag a few of the finished pieces out of the shop. The sign tree was first and we all held our breath as the piece approached the door. But there was no need to fear and it slipped through with a bit more than an inch to spare.

The trestle with the mine car was next. Even though the piece was large it fit out of the door easily. Then we hooked the forklift to it to lift it onto the trailer. Slow and easy was the game plan and it worked well on the second try. The first time it hung over the sides a little far and so we rehooked and tried one more time.

With the pieces out of the shop there was only one thing to do. Peter fired up the welder and started work on the next humungus piece. I'll be showing pictures of that after Christmas!

There's only one sleep left before Christmas morning. Merry Christmas all!  :)

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment