Start of color

With our university employees now officially on their Christmas break we are fully staffed every day until after the New Year. This means I need to line up more work and keep things organized and flowing so everyone has lots to do. No problem.

Five crew braved the cold weather today to work up at the lake. Two were welding and three did the lathing, a tough job in nice weather, miserable in the cold. Just the same they toughed it out and did a fair amount of work. THANKS!

In the shop the painting of the features began in a big way while I started assembly and glueing up the routed signs. We are anxious to get the three big pieces out of the shop as soon as possible to make room for the next batch of large pieces. The tree recieved it first two coats of base colors with one more to go before the glazing process starts. It looks pretty colorful at this point but will tone down as we proceed with the layers of glazes.

While Kendra and Jenessa did the last of the sculpting on the balloon basket, Hailey and Sarah began the painting of the balloon. It looks larger all the time!

The project engineer stopped by the work site and shop today to look everything over. He was very pleased with all he saw and enjoyed viewing the pieces in progress.

-grampa dan

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