Light house install

When I arrived at the worksite this morning the crew was eagerly awaiting. The zoom boom was warmed up and the snorkel lift was ready to go. It was the long awaited install day for the light house. We unhooked the straps from the trailer and began the lift. The bottom section was lifted and carefully aligned with the base and the crew inside bolted it down.

Then the top section of the light house was hooked up and lifted into position. I was in the basket of the snorkel lift to help align the sections.

The final task was to unhook the zoom boom, twist out the lifting eye bolt and twist in the goose weather vane.

With the addition of the light house, the site instantly changed. It was transformed from a normal construction site to the beginnings of a theme park. 

As I left the site I stopped on the road for an instant and took this wide angle shot of Cultus Lake Adventure Park. It looks pretty cool as the various elements are beginning to come together. Just behind the blue bumper boat pool the island is now almost ready for us to begin the theming magic. That will start next week. To the right you can see the sloping walkway that houses the caves we are currently working on. In the background the framing for the concession is quickly being assembled. This will all be hidden by the mountain when we are done. The mountain top and giant tree that will sit on top are currently being polished off in our shop. It is only a couple of weeks more before the giant ferris wheel begins to rise behind the building.

Although the weather was not pleasant today it was still a very good day!

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky2 Comments