Light house on the move!

Today was an exciting day. It was the day we would begin the process of taking some large finished pieces out of the shop and loading them on the trailer for delivery tomorrow. The bottom and top sections of the light house were the pieces of choice. The bottom section was just a teeny bit shorter than the top of the door. This meant it couldn't be lifted but rather had to be dragged from the shop with our trusty little tractor. We chained it up, I put the tough little machine in low range and four wheel drive and then began the pull. It was a tight squeeze but it fit.

The HEAVY light house protested mightily, scraping across the smooth concrete as I dragged it. But slowly it went until we were well clear of the shop where we could use the forklift to hoist it onto the trailer.

The piece was definitely heavy but the little forklift proved it's match and I slowly and carefully positioned the tall cylinder on the flat deck trailer.

The top portion of the lighthouse would be a whole lot easier as it was short enough to use the forklift from the get-go as we removed the piece from the shop. Even so, clearances were tight as we cleared the shop door once again.

The lighthouse topper quickly joined it's other half on the trailer.

Each piece has a threaded hole on the top into which we turned a tie down rig that was then strapped to the trailer. This meant no straps would rub against the load as we travelled and I could be confident the pieces would arrive safe and sound.

Tomorrow the big lift happens - first thing in the morning. We are ready!

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky3 Comments