Rapid progress

Every day our crew amazes me with the work they accomplish. The shop is full to the brim with large pieces. While I spent my day fixing broken machines, gathering needed supplies and in meetings they kept up the pace in the shop and up at the work site. The lighthouse is now almost ready to go out of the door. The red and white stripes make it look taller than ever! We are trying our best to get ready for installation on Friday!

The big tree is quickly coming together as the crew applies the mesh to all the tight contours and in all the nooks and crannies. This will be a very difficult piece to apply the concrete and carve but the results will be nothing less than spectacular!

The sign faces are in the process of being routed on our MultiCam. The painting process will begin on these in the next few days.

As the lettering pieces come off the computerized routing machine we laminate them up over a sturdy welded frame. Some skilled hand finishing will make them ready for the paint.

I went back into the shop after supper for a while to polish off the welding on the ballon structure. It is now ready for the crew to apply the diamond lath. It's hard to judge scale by looking at a picture but this thing is BIG. It's just shy of eleven feet tall and about nine feet across. It clears the door by only a smidge on the sides and top.

I'll be taking a bunch of pictures on site tomorrow to show the amazing progress there. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

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