Work, work, work.

This morning I was only in the shop long enough to say a quick hi to the crew and then I was off on another exciting adventure. It's a workday for me but not of the ordinary sort. I'll be travelling all day and most of the night. Tomorrow, bright and early, I'll be in Trinidad to look at the site of our next project, meet with the owners, government officials, project manager, architect, engineer, contractors and local suppliers. It absolutely boggles my mind to think of all of the logistics we'll face on this exciting project, but experience tells me that this challenge, like every other we have faced in the last decades is totally doable. To have the opportunity to plan and build this project is unbelievable exciting!

I have my laptop, sketchbook and camera handy, and I'll be making notes and scribbling down ideas the whole time I am away.

It won't be long until I can put away my jacket and throw on a short sleeve shirt.

Work, work, work.  :)

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky2 Comments