I got to be that guy

We've all seen construction sites where the 'big guys' wander on to the site for an 'official' visit. These guys have shiny new hardhats and much too clean safety vests. Their hands are often in their pockets and they poke around, talking to their colleagues serious and making comments and wild gestures about everything they see. Often they point and sometimes pace things off and then have that serious discussion about where things might go. Today was like that and there was even an official photographer present to capture to event for posterity.

Today I was that guy. Considering how little actual physical work I did it is amazing how tired I am tonight. But then again I will mostly blame that on the jet lag from my trip. :)

It was actually a very busy and productive day. I made two official presentations and there were lots of discussions with owners, planners, engineers and government officials. We did make an official site visit that greatly helped me get my head around this complex project. It is so much easier to do in person rather than simply from photographic and plan references. Now, I know for sure how everything fits together and what changes are needed to make the project work as good as possible. There is a project manager and engineer who I am now confident I can work comfortably with to make it all come together.

Tomorrow, bright and early, we begin anew, with more meetings and tours of some local plant nurseries. It is exciting and fun and I'm looking at the unfamiar, tropical world around me through wide eyes of wonder. Here's hoping I won't have to wear a shiny new hardhat tomorrow.

-grampa dan

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