Day two of the workshop

In our workshops we share knowlege of our sign making techniques. Technical information and 'secrets' of the trade and our methods are revealed.

But the most important thing I wish to share is 'how to have fun in the business' by following our passion to be creative. One excercise we do is to design and then build a bug sign. Each student is given the same starting point - a dikmensional leaf with the letter 'B' on it. They are to make a truly dimensional sign in the most creative way they can think of. Each and every workshop I do I am amazed at the wonderful creations. The litle signs tell amazing stories and in the proces a whole new way of thinking is developed. It is one of the many fun ways we can work each and every day - if we let ourselves. Here's a couple of the wonderful creations by Wray Basset and Phil Ghi.

We had a wonderful and long day of learning and sharing. Tomorrow we wrap things up. 

-grampa dan