Last day in New York

The last day of the New York workshop went by on a blur. It was a great day with the last lectures and instruction. Everyone was busy finishing off their projects. We were done just after four in the afternoon. What a great and eager group they were! Thank you!!!!!  And a special heartfelt thank you to the hardworking MultiCam crew, especially Jeff Goldberg who made my job really easy! I have nothing but fond memories of this workshop!

Once we were done it was time to head into New York City to see the sights. Jim generously volunteered to drive us into the city and guide Kelly Miller and I around the sights. He proved to be the perfect guide. He knew the local history well and knew how to get to the best spots effortlessly. Traffic was light and we saw a tremendous amount in a short time. Once we parked the car our first stop was ground zero. We walked right in without a reservation. Near there we could clearly see Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty in the distance.

This area has an amazing amount of history. The streets are narrow and the buildings are TALL! Here's my shot of the Wall Street Stock Exchange.

From there we walked Lower Manhatten to check out the tall buildings and historical district. Then we rode a New York taxi to Grand Central Station. WOW!

From there we walked to Times Square, stopping in to view a spectacular cathedral.

Times Square at night is in a word AMAZING! Even though it was dark in the rest of the western world, it was as bright as high noon here!

Since the Statue of Liberty was closed (due to the recent hurricane) my friends insisted I pose with a similar statue in Times Square. Somehow I don't think it was quite the same. :)

The tour continued through many city sites and even into an Irish pub.

Once our tour was done we rode the subway back to lower Manhattan and our car.

THANKS for a GREAT tour Bill!  New York City is a very interesting place. But after a week in the big apple I'm ready once more to head back to little old Yarrow.  :)

-grampa dan

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