Small town boy in the BIG apple

Jet travel always amazes me. Last night I slept in my own bed in Yarrow. Tonight I sleep in a hotel in New York. I was up early to get to the Vancouver airport. I had breakfast in Vancouver, pizza for lunch in Chicago and supper in New York. It's all pretty amazing stuff for a small town Yarrow boy!

I'll be doing a workshop here in New York for the next few days. I didn't take the picture above but I hope to grab a few shots while I'm here. I hope to see a little of New York. I've always wanted to see the Chrysler Building and the Empire State building. Times Square is worthy of a looksee, andperhaps the Brooklin Bridge with maybe a ride on the subway too while I'm at it. The Statue of Liberty is unfortunately closed because of the recent hurricane. We'll see how much time I get to take those things in.

I won't be hard to spot...  I'll be the guy staring in wonder at all the skyscrapers.

-grampa dan

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