The story of Spaz

Back when we formed our company, in 1992, we knew we had to come up with a logo... but what to choose? It was a difficult decision.

After a lot of though I decided a dragon was the perfect image for our company. To know what a dragon looked like requires imagination. A cute little dragon would be the perfect mascot. He would be named Spaz, my alter ego. (Spaz was my nickname in school as I was not very coordinated or good at sports.) The first version of Spaz was brown.

Next I did a sculpt of Spaz's head in clay. I made a mold and cast him in concrete but times got busy and the castings gathered a layer of dust in the corner. I did design a full body for him based on this detailed sculpt and had a friend make up a lifesized (wearable) costume of him. He proved to be too large to be practical and now lives in the center of my studio looming over all who enter.

Ten years later when we built our new shop the concrete head sculpt of Spaz was dusted off and he was incorporated into our new studio sign. 

It was another three years before the next incarnation of Spaz. He grew a full body for our first road sign.

Unfortunatey our Spaz was sometimes confused with Barney the dinosaur and I couldn't have that. We were also thought of as the creator of kid's attractions alone by those who saw our logo but we could do so much more. So the search was on for a new image that would still speak of imagination but be a teeny bit more corporate.

It would be another couple of years before we hit on the next idea... a sailing ship cruising through a crescent moon. Spaz became the figurehead on the good ship Spaz.

Spaz is our symbol of imagination and creativity.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment