CAREFUL with the tools!

Every shop should have a first aid kit handy - just in case. We have a number of kits stashed in various places around the shop. It is appropriate for we work with lots of sharp tools and there are many processes that could hurt us if we aren't careful. But thankfully the first aid kits are not used very often.

One of the kits has never been opened. It sits by the staff sink - ready just in case. On either side of the kit is a grim reminder of what might happen if we aren't careful. Many years ago one of our projects used a medical skeleton (made of plastic) or at least the top half of the skeleton. The legs were removed and for a long while languished around the shop - until somebody had the macabre idea to fasten them to the wall on each side of the first aid kit. They serve as a gruesome reminder to be extra careful with the tools.

Be careful out there!

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment