Working up a logo and sign

I enjoy doing up logos and signs for new businesses. The key is to first listen to the client, find out what they want - what the goals are for the business. Then it is a simple matter of telling that story. With a logo it has to be done concisely and in an instant.

The fellows who are spraying the foam insulation in our house are just forming their new company. I've known them for quite some time and know they have done their homework, researching every aspect of their business. They wanted to do foam insultation because it saved energy. Houses account for 30% of the energy we use on a daily basis. Better insulation would help out a bunch. The name of their company is ELEMENT Spray Foam.

The logo needed to express that this was a green company. The symbol I chose could be interpreted as a leaf, tree or drop of water, elements of the environment. It could also be interpreted as a flame, to represent the heat or energy sprayed insulation would conserve.

I had thought about the logo for well over a week before I got the chance to sit down at my desk. It came quickly as I began to draw.

My friends loved the logo when I presented it. We made a small tweak, deepeing the contrast of the fade just a little. But this was the flat version. We could and would take it up a notch before we were done. This logo begged to be dimensional. I worked up the file and put it on the MultiCam CNC router for production. 

I'm sure it will look even beter painted up. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment