A house built with love

This weekend we've been talking about and working on the details for the erin on the outside of the house. The discussion has actually been going on for months without final resolution. We tried butterflies, leaves and other motifs but one or both of us was not in agreement. It was time for a new idea. We asked Peter to come up with something.

Peter took inspriation from the electrical tower shutters we had build almost nine years ago.

Peter came up with two quick drawings, one of the trim and one of the knees that would go under the soffits.


Once we had an idea we liked we went out to the house and began the planning by drawing things full size on the foam forms with a felt pen.


I fired up the CNC router to create some samples.

One more piece of the puzzle is complete. This is a house built with love.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment