Almost back

It happens every time. During each Sign Magic Workshop and the Sculpture Magic Workshops we put in incredible hours. I unlock the studio doors at 8:00 am and lock them again at 11:00 pm. Or at least that is the official times it is supposed to happen. 

The reality is that I am in the shop making sure everything is in order and review my notes for the day well before that. By the time the last guest leaves it is often 11:30 - or later. Then it is time for a little tidying and winding down. When I get back into the house Janis is most often still busy baking cookies or some other wonderful treat to be served the next day. And while the official days of the workshop are Friday - Sunday we get going on Thursday when everyone arrives. It is not uncommon for some to come back for a goodbye visit on Monday. It is just the way we do things. 

After two weeks of back to back workshops and very long hours we were pretty tired. This time seemed to hit us harder than normal and Monday we just laid low. No real work was even attempted. Tuesday Janis & I decided to play hooky and do a little shopping for appliances that we needed for the new house. Today, Wednesday I was determined to actually get back to work. I even set the alarm to get me out in the studio at the customary 8:00 am. I was catching up on my large stack of emails and went outside for a bit of fresh air just after 10:00. But a thick plume of black smoke just down the street and the fire trucks leaving the station across the street in a real hurry ended the push to do some real work. A gas station (where I always fill up) was on fire in a BIG way. (No one was hurt thankfully.) The power went out shortly after that on account of the serious fire, ending all thoughts of real work today. 

I decided to head to town to pick up the new John Deere lawn tractor. It was almost work related.  :)  The power did come on later in the afternoon but by that time Janis & I were out once more, working on things for the new house.

Thankfully, Hailey managed to clean the work area of the shop before the power went out, putting away all the workshop items. Tomorrow will be a new day and just maybe we'll get back in the work groove once more.

-grampa dan

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