Showing from afar

This week is the International Sign Association Show in Orlando, Florida. While I've been many times in the past, this year I stayed home. That didn't mean however that I wasn't represented there. Work from our shop is shown in a number of the boths showcasing the products, software and machines we use on a daily basis. I've been recieving a few emails says folks took notice.

Below is the plane/weathervane we built a few of years ago for Coastal Enterprises who make the Precision Board, glues and primers we use. Our job on this piece was to use the High Density Urethane to create as many faux surfaces and finishes as we could muster in one piece. The toughest challenge of this project is the small space we could use measuring only two feet by two feet! The deadline was tight and it went from a quick sketch to finished piece in only four days. It was fun and still holds up well after all this time. Thanks to my good friend Mark from Hawaii for sending me this great picture of the display.

It's great to have my work down there but I miss the chance to say hello to all my friends. I'd rather be there!

 -grampa dan

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