The tree is starting to grow again!

It isn't often I do two posts in one day, but today was a busy day. Plus I just know my customer who we are doing the old tree/coffee table for has undoubtably been watching anxiously for some progress. Today was finally the day when we began work on the project. It simply had to wait it's turn. I first had to study what I had done back when I last worked on the project, more than a year ago, probaby more like two. I wanted to seamlessly blend the work we would do now and a lot of water has gone under the bridge since. But I was confident it wouldn't be a problem. Sarah mixed the epoxy for me and I set to work on the sculpture. My goal today was to do a small section of the tree and then have a look to make sure it blended with the work done previously. I pressed on a primer coat and then laid on the rolled strips before carving in the bark texture. I tucked one face into the tree to get back up to speed. When I was done I was happy. In the next days we'll continue on. I'll be in the groove!

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky2 Comments