Score one more for me.

I love details - especially in unexpected places. This is what separates most projects from the few that are truly over the top. At the Fox & Hounds we are down to those details. I'll be installing the dart board tomorrow. And it needed something special as a companion piece - the score board. We briefly considered purchasing one but we knew we could come up with something better. The project was simple and went pretty quick, but it is guaranteed to make those who notice it smile.

We were going to put some oversize darts in the top of the dart board frame, but my research told me that the center or the bull's eye needed to be five foot eight inches from the floor. This meant the darts would be crowded against the ceiling if I put them there. So I decided instead to incorprate one dart into the score board. The score board is made from thick plasma cut steel. I cut some steel fins and welded up the oversized dart. I then put a nasty bend into the shaft of the dart and inserted the point into a hole I had drilled into the steel plate. I then welded the wayward dart to the face of the score board. The bulk of the weld is on the back side. It will stay put. I also welded a small shelf to the bottom of the board for the chalk to sit and then a little acid quickly formed a delicious coat of rust. I added the blackboard paint to the middle section to make it easier to see the scores, drawn in chalk. A sturdy chain was also welded to the bottom of the score board which will be bolted to the brush. It won't get misplaced anytime soon!

While I'm not very good at darts I should hopefully score some bonus points for this little gem.

-grampa dan